Trial Presentation

Harness The Technology

Las Vegas Legal Video provides complete trial presentation services in every aspect digital and visual in order to ensure a modern, seamless presentation for our clients. Our objective is to present every case in a visually compelling and efficient manner so that your trial team can focus on the matter at hand and manage your case without the concern of technology interfering. Our experienced staff of courtroom technicians have assisted a variety of law firms in achieving favorable verdicts. A persuasive presentation can be a powerful tool to maximize or minimize damages. When you retain LVLV for technical support in court, all evidence is uploaded to a secure laptop, identified by exhibit and Bates number and is ready to be presented to the jury at the drop of a hat. All necessary electronic equipment is provided at no additional cost and our technicians coordinate with the court to setup and test all equipment before every trial.

Visual Persuasion

Well adept in the art of media, the professionals at LVLV effectively assist attorneys and their clients in conveying their courtroom narratives. Whether a case is in the discovery, settlement or trial phase, the strategic implementation of graphics remains as one of the most powerful tools available to modern day advocates of justice. A single graphic timeline can simplify a complex chronology of events; a compelling slide presentation can provide a road map for opening statements or closing arguments; thousands of photographs can be referenced within a single scene diagram. The possibilities are endless. LVLV strives to create the most practical visual analogue to your evidence for maximum impact on your trier of facts. When the time comes to bring your case to trial, we are prepared to execute a seamless presentation of all evidence so as to allow you to focus on trying your case.

The Edge

In assisting attorneys with a combined experience of more than fifty trials, the professionals at LVLV have observed more trials than some lawyers experience in a lifetime. With that experience comes a natural ability to grease the wheels as well as traverse the obstacles, so to speak. In short, our presence in the courtroom serves as more than just computer nerds. We listen to the testimony, observe the jury and put together the puzzle pieces of your case with a fresh set of eyes. Understanding that we are not there to tell you how to do your job, we are more than happy to offer our thoughts, opinions and suggestions on aspects of your trial. All this comes as a bonus from the hired help of your LVLV trial tech.

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