Trial Graphics

Demonstrative Exhibits and Trial Graphics

LVLV will take your case to a level of graphic representation powerful enough to be visually persuasive and compelling yet succinct enough to perfectly posit your point to judge, jury or jurist. Use of visual aids to drive home key points and positions in litigation are no longer only an option in the courtroom but rather an expectation from the triers of fact.

According to a 2007 study entitled The Animators at Law Attorney Communication Style Study, by Kenneth Lopez, “in practical terms, seven out of twelve jurors (61%) will prefer visual learning,

three will prefer kinesthetic learning (20.5%), and two will prefer auditory learning (18.5%), Attorneys who rely on auditory communication alone will be under-communicating with ten of the twelve members of the jury (81.5%).”

In the age of technology and television, the world is dominated by visuals which is why visual communication is so effective on judges and juries. Creative aptitude, trial experience and the ability to anticipate the needs of our clients are just a few of the reasons top firms have chosen LVLV to assist with visual persuasion for over 12 years now. Call us today to discuss how we may be able to assist with your case.

Demonstrative Exhibit Examples