At Las Vegas Legal Video, our philosophy is fairly simple: to serve the legal community with the utmost professionalism while providing quality video and presentation services that inject strength into strategy. We commit to our clients without the impediment of nights and weekends, or any sleep at all for that matter. We recognize and appreciate that, in today’s touch-screen touting techtopia, the integration of visuals as a tool of persuasion in litigation is no longer optional, it’s essential. The professionals at LVLV have the necessary knowledge and experience to present your case in a visually compelling and efficient manner. Contact us anytime for a free consultation.

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Litigation Technology Services

Video Depositions

Harness the power of video depositions by capturing the appearance and demeanor of witness testimony.

Trial Presentation

LVLV specializes in working closely with your trial team to create compelling visuals and trial presentations to enhance any case.

Video Documentaries

Let us work every step of the way with you to capture the damages of your case with a Day-in-the-Life or Settlement video.

Trial Graphics

LVLV will take your case to a level of graphic representation powerful enough to be visually persuasive and concise while still easily grasped by a judge, jury or jurist.


We implement strict quality control methods and will work around the clock to deliver the quality you expect in a timely fashion. No job is too large or small.

Multimedia Services

LVLV offers full multimedia services for nearly every type of media. Duplications, media conversions, DVD authoring, analog to digital and more.